What is Taiji?

In Taiji, you explore a mysterious and detailed world full of puzzles. It is important to pay close attention, as vital clues are sometimes hidden in plain sight.

There are a variety of different puzzle types in the game, but the solution always requires you to discern which tiles on a panel must be lit, and which must be unlit.

There are over 410 puzzles in the game, ranging from simple puzzles that can be solved in a few seconds, to challenges that may take hours. However, unlike a traditional adventure game where the rules to puzzles change on a whim, in Taiji you always know the solution will be to input a pattern onto these panels.

Many panels in the game have symbols embedded within. The rules of these symbols are never directly explained, but instead must be discovered through solving simple puzzles.

Although the puzzles start out simple, there are some truly dastardly challenges hidden deep in the game for only the most persistent of players.

Taiji was developed by Matthew VanDevander, with music by Grzegorz Bednorz and is available for Windows PCs through the Steam and Itch storefronts. Other platforms are unannounced at this time.