Press Kit


Taiji is an adventure puzzle game in the style of The Witness. You explore an abandoned island and solve the puzzles that you find there. There are over 400 puzzles in the game, although the exact number is a secret.

Taiji was developed almost entirely by Matthew VanDevander, with a lush soundtrack by Gzregorz (Gregory) Bednorz.

Taiji is releasing on Steam and Itch for $24.99 USD (with an initial 20% launch discount to $19.99 USD) on September 9th, 2022, with a planned port to the Nintendo Switch coming at a later unspecified date.

Steam store page link

Itch store page link

Coverage Key Requests

If you are a content creator and need a copy of the game for coverage, then you can put in a request through Keymailer. I do not give keys to Steam Curators.

If you prefer not to use keymailer, then you can use the e-mail form at the bottom of the page to put in a request. Please include links to your relevant websites/social media.


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