Taiji is a game in development for PC, Mac, and possibly a console in the future.

In Taiji, you explore a mysterious and detailed world full of puzzles. It is important to think hard and to pay close attention, as vital clues are sometimes hidden in plain sight.


All of the puzzles in Taiji use a consistent interface: a panel divided into regions which must be turned either on or off in a specific pattern.

Within that constraint, the game explores a large variety of puzzle types. 

Some puzzles simply involve clicking to toggle individual regions, others involve drawing a path by walking across the panel. 

Some puzzles require deducing the meaning of symbols embedded in the panel, others require noticing subtle details in the environment.

Unlike most adventure games where the player is never certain what they can interact with, here the player always interacts with these panels.

Concept Art


The team is myself, Matthew VanDevander. All design, code, art, music, and sound effects will be done by me.


Total budget will be $37,000. This assumes a development timeframe of two years, from 2019 to early 2021.

It’s hard to be certain of this exact development timeframe as the gameplay is quite experimental, but at worst I would imagine it taking one additional year, releasing in early 2022. If that were the case, I’d estimate an additional $20,000 for a total budget of $57,000.

Not sure if I’ll need to pay self-employment taxes on the money, I put some guesses in the spreadsheet in that case.

You can find a complete budget breakdown in spreadsheet form here.

Contact Info

If you need to get in further contact with me. My e-mail address is: