12. Slacker

I believe I even skipped a week or two of updates on the blog here. Still not worked on the game. Kind of amazing how I let procrastination snowball. I try not to beat myself up too much when I don’t feel like working on it and don’t get anything done, as the negative energy really is not very constructive. But I’m starting to feel pretty useless.

On the plus side, things in my personal life have been improving dramatically, and I have been having a good time lately. I suppose it lends itself to asking a question of what is really most important in life to me. I feel like my primary motivator is love, and all other motivations are secondary to that. If I don’t get the love then it’s more important for me to be creatively productive, for example.

I’m not sure, though. It’s just a theory. Either way, things are good for me but not so good for the game, until I sit my butt down in that chair and finish this interface overhaul and get on to designing some more puzzles and such.

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