22. More Dot Puzzles

Sadly, I didn’t get much of a chance to work on the game this week. However, I did stream for four hours across two different sessions over the weekend.

An interesting puzzle that we came up with on stream. Special thanks to Tim Nicholson for help on it.

Most of the work that I did on-stream was on designing some more puzzles for the dot mechanic. I now have around 30 decent puzzles for a rough draft version of the area, which is more than half the number of puzzles as there are in the largest single area currently in the game. I still think I can get at least a few more good puzzles out of the mechanic, but I am quite happy even if I don’t come up with much more than the current puzzles anyway.

Below is a picture of all the currently existing dot puzzles. I haven’t built an area for them, so they are just floating in empty space in the editor. The circled area is the puzzles I have selected to be part of the rough draft version of the area. I simply showing them as black rectangles, because showing the actual contents would be spoilers. 🙂


Elusive Ideas

I came up with an idea for a new puzzle type in the middle of the night Saturday. (Strangely, I seem to get some of my most creative ideas around the witching hour) This idea was surprising in its simplicity, particularly because I never thought of it in the year and a half that I’ve been working on Taiji. I haven’t quite settled on how to implement it yet, so it remains in the amorphous “idea space” but it hopefully will be interesting when I do/can implement it.

Hope to get more done this week.

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