6. The Trough of Unproductivity

Actually a bit late with this week’s post. Some life things happened and I forgot to write it Friday.

Still, I managed to go another week without opening Unity or working on the game. That’s a bit or a bummer, but because my productivity and my mood are so directly connected, I’m trying not to feel too badly about it. If I beat myself up for not being productive, I’m just taking away energy that could be used for productive things.

So, in some ways this week was disappointing, but my overall mood seems to be improving so we will see how it goes. Plus, I made a commitment to do weekly updates here, even if I am just showing up to say that I didn’t do anything.

I have still been thinking about the interface issues with the game, and struggling to come to a good solution. I know it can’t stay the way it is, as it just doesn’t feel very good. But I’m not sure what exactly to do instead. I feel like it’s quite late to make a major decision like this, but I am also not sure I know yet how to make it properly. I will either end up having to try something even if I’m not much more sure of it than the current interface, or I will have to just shelve this question and proceed anyway.

I try to catch myself when I see that I am being unproductive and in the analysis paralysis type mindset. But this is hard because I really have no good idea on how to proceed.


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