7. Good Enough for Now

I’m drafting this part of the post a bit early, both because I just happened to have some free time to write it, and because I think I have a good idea on how to proceed with the new interface solution.

Basically, if you remember my post where I postulated on four possible options, the current plan is essentially option #4, although I am thinking that instead of a fairy type familiar the cursor that you’re moving around will just be the shadow of the player character. You will be able to switch between the player themselves and the shadow. The shadow can basically move onto any surface freely, but they cannot leave the current screen.

This works well I think because you never really feel like you’re switching modes too much, even though you kind of are switching between the two avatars. It is also a highly limited thing, unlike my thinking about the gravity switching walking on walls type option, which becomes a game mechanic in its own right. I don’t generally want to add things to the game that feel like grafted on monstrous solutions. I want the game to feel very elegant and light on mechanics that the player needs to think about in regard to puzzles.

This is not to say that I am completely disregarding the interesting aspects of that wall-walking solutions, but just to say that I feel as though I have settled  upon the “good enough for now” solution to this problem.

The shadow aspect also has some interesting thematic aspects in that normally you are dealing with switching between light/dark things, and the shadow is like a dark version of yourself. I also had this idea that perhaps the shadow could provide some peculiar insights into the nature of the world of the game. I won’t spoil that here, but it could be an interesting avenue to pursue.

So, I just worked on the game for a little bit today which felt really good to get back to. I was working on the new interface solution, and as I pretty much expected, it feels way better than the old way. I still haven’t gotten around to doing the “shadow” mode input method, but I implemented the basics, which is just the ability of the player to toggle tiles directly, and the new snake panel input method (although the tiles don’t raise up yet, and just light up.)

Anyway, short blog post, but I’ll post a gif!


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