81. Bonus Area

Over the course of making Taiji, I’ve designed many more puzzles than what have survived into the game as it exists today. Most were cut because they just weren’t very good. But there were some decent puzzles that had to be removed because there was no good way to fit them into the existing areas; they took up too much physical space or dragged out the pacing too much.

So for the past couple months I’ve curated those puzzles into a hidden bonus area. There are also a few puzzles that were custom built for this area to round out some of the missing spots in the overall design.

Finishing this area is a major milestone, and means that the game is basically gameplay complete. With that said there are still several major things that I need to do before the game can be shipped. And one of those is to playtest the game a decent amount. I sent out beta invites to several long-suffering volunteers over the past week and have been getting a lot of good feedback so far, and fixing a lot of bugs.

This next week, if the bugfixes become more manageable, then I will start working on an announcement. So look forward to that in a couple weeks, hopefully. In the meantime enjoy these screenshots of the new area.

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