86. The Game’s Not Dead!~

Very short update, but I wanted to keep things alive around here. Things are still coming along well and the list of music that needs to be written is getting very short now.

I have taken a job full time through the week, mostly because I already had the job lined up for after Taiji’s release and even though the job starting itself was delayed, Taiji’s release was delayed more. I chose to take the job anyway because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity and I really don’t have much I still need to be doing day-to-day personally leading up to the initial release. I’m mostly just directing Gregory on the music and doing occasional tech stuff for the music. Gregory has been fantastic to work with, he has a deep understanding of the game, and has the remaining music writing well under control.

I have still been trying to use the time to polish more and contribute to the soundtrack where I can, but after a rough couple weeks of trying to squeeze in Taiji stuff during the week, I’ve moved to just working weekends on Taiji, at least until after release.

Speaking of release, I know I keep saying I’ll have something to announce on that front soon, but I really do mean it now. Soon is even sooner than it’s ever been before. In fact, I can announce that I will have something to announce on August 12.

Practically SOON I say!

As for the switch port, it was always the plan to focus on the PC release first, and then the serious work on porting will start after I’ve fixed up any unforeseen bugs that happen when the game gets in the hands of you all.

Look forward to the announcement on August 12 and thanks again for your patience!

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