59. Shrines and Ancient Ruins

It’s hard to be sure exactly what to write about, since most of the work lately has been going into painting over each of the areas in the game. But this past month I’ve finished drafts of art for two major areas in the game, so I guess I’ll post up some screenshots!

(You can click any of the screenshots to view them full-size)


This area is styled after a Japanese shrine and centered within a large lake.


This area is an ancient ruin seated atop a narrow plateau. Some parts of the ruins have seen better days.

You may recognize this area from an earlier iteration of the art. Some parts of this area are still unfinished, art wise, and I need to add in the shadows. (I paint in all the shadows by hand!)


Here’s a bonus screenshot of another area in the game.

One thought on “59. Shrines and Ancient Ruins

  1. Hey, I learned about you/your game after watching your video on honest puzzle design. Just wanted to say I’m really looking forward to Taiji! The art is looking super pretty; I like the slightly muted colours, definitely gives it a distinct feeling. And your thoughts on design resonate with me for sure, kind of reminds me of some of the things Jonathan Blow has said in talks, and I loved The Witness, so good bet I’m gonna love your game too. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!


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