27. More Gallery, and More

This weekend, I went through my backlog of ideas of puzzles for the gallery area (an area that I mentioned briefly in the previous blog entry.) There are now actually 31 puzzles in that area, quite a decent number of puzzles, in spite of the fact that it sort of started as an “odds and ends” area. I still feel a bit uncomfortable about the concept behind the area, because it feels so explicit: here’s an image, solve some puzzles based on it. There are a few puzzles in the area that are a bit more subtle than that, and I have some hopes that when I get around to doing an art treatment on the game, I’ll be able to bring in a bit more of that subtlety. But, as is, I do like some of the puzzles in the area a lot, and testers have tended to enjoy them as well.

I spent a bit too much time on the stream drawing a perhaps poorly hung painting of a snowman for this area, so I’ll share the final image here on the devlog:


Other than gallery puzzles, I spent a bit of time trying to come up with some good intermediate puzzles for the dice-face area, as well as moving towards tidying up the end flow of that area. I didn’t make a ton of progress there, but I did start to make some interesting realizations about the mechanics there that I had not quite settled on before. I am hoping to come up with some good ideas there to take the end of the area to another level, but they haven’t quite hit me yet.

Overall, slow and steady with only being able to work a day a week, but progress is at least happening.

3 thoughts on “27. More Gallery, and More

    1. Sadly swinging things back and forth is not exactly straightforward with the pixel art. I’ll think about it though. I did want to do a color shifting one.

      It actually doesn’t matter much that the painting is hanging at an angle, and I’ll also try to rectify that.


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